These photos of two little athletes could make everybody tune in to the Olympics Instagram/@andsothereweresix

Have you tuned in to any of the Winter Olympics? As they usually are, the Olympics are a spectacle for the eyes and ears, and if you have a favorite sport to follow, the excitement can be palpable.

Come on, we know there are others who are turning over the coffee table to go down the imaginary luge track.

Just us? We’re OK with that.

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But while our McTwist 1260 on our queen-sized mattress may not be as awesome as snowboarder Shaun White’s, there are two little living room athletes who can give the three-time gold medalist a run for his money when it comes to overall cuteness: The Shemenski twins.


Kelly Clarkson tweeted that Shaun’s gold medal run made her super emotional. “Am I sitting here bawling my eyes out watching how happy @shaunwhite is because he just killed it,” she wrote. “Yes. Yes I am. I want to hug him and I don’t know him. #superawkward #superdontcare #OlympicGames2018”

We get it Kelly, We snotted through a box of tissues, too. But then we checked out twins Zachary and Benjamin waiting for their turn at the half pipe and it was, well, giggle-worthy.

Brothers Osborne were also watching Shaun’s incredible run, and praised him for representing the gingers of the population.

But Zachary and Benjamin are just as capable and qualified at repping the follically challenged. And they do it while curling in red, white and blue britches. Boom!

Thanks to their tiny bodies, these boys are really built for several different events at the Winter Olympics, but their close proximity to the ice makes them particularly streamlined for speed skating and, as mom Meagan suggests, they’re getting an early start on this skill. When it comes to smiles though, speed skater Maame Biney may have the edge on Zachary and Benjamin. She has teeth.

While it’s been a little too windy for a lot of the ski events in PyeongChang, back on their nap mat, Zachary and Benjamin got in a couple of solid runs before things got too treacherous on their course.

As the events continue, we hope that the boys’ mom, Meagan, will keep us updated on Zachary and Benjamin’s Olympic adventures on their Instagram page, @andsothereweresix, and maybe their big sisters will get involved. As they slide into closing ceremonies, though, we wish the twins more gold binkies than their little necks can hold.

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Oh, for the record, we have no idea what a McTwist 1260 is. Nor could we identify 1440s, or tell the difference between Ollies, Nollies or Air to Fakies. But it doesn’t much matter to us. We watched Shaun White twist, turn and get some Big Air … and the gold medal!

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