Tears fall on “Ellen” as this beauty is reunited with her serviceman boyfriend  YouTube/TheEllenShow

We have so much respect for our nation?s military men and women, and from the looks of most of our reader?s comments, they have that same love, respect and admiration. Not only have those military members sacrificed time away from their homes and families, they are courageously putting their lives on the line to keep us safe and defend our freedom. But for some, like Navy supply officer Noah Copeland, even that isn?t enough.

You might want to grab a tissue for this story. Actually, make it two.

From the Indian Ocean atoll of Diego Garcia, where he is stationed, Noah arranged for his sweet and pretty girlfriend, Maura Gonsalves, to be a guest on the televised birthday celebration for Ellen DeGeneres.

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Maura, who is a loyal mega-fan of ?The Ellen DeGeneres Show,? appeared on a show prior to the birthday episode, tearfully explaining that the couple hadn?t seen each other in person in over a year, and she wasn?t sure when Noah would be home because of the recent government shutdown.

Obviously, Ellen was going to oblige Noah by giving tickets to her birthday show to Maura, but the person that delivered those tickets was very familiar to Maura.

It was Noah!

Grab that first tissue!

After a precious hug where Maura almost knocked Noah down jumping into his arms, the couple sat down to chat with Ellen, who revealed that the couple had been planning a romantic and tropical getaway to make up for the time they had been apart. However, something derailed their plans.

?We were going to go to Puerto Rico, and I saw the episode [of your show] with Ricky Martin when he went to Puerto Rico, and we obviously had to cancel that trip because they are in shambles still,? Maura explained to Ellen about the island’s devastating 2017 hurricane damage. ?I texted [Noah]. I was like, ?Oh my gosh, I just saw this show and this is so sad. These people have absolutely nothing. I can?t even believe how they?re being treated.? It made me really sad. I said, ?We have to do something.??


And they did. “We took all of the money that we saved for that trip and donated it to Ricky Martin?s fund for Puerto Rico,” Maura said. “We just wanted to do whatever we could, and I knew that our trip wasn?t going to work out there. Just seeing those people and the animals and everything. There?s people that have been out of power, even are still [are] out of power. It?s so sad.?

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Grab that second tissue.

The big-hearted talk show host was so moved by the couple?s generosity and sympathy even after they had endured such a distance and time apart that she had a gift of her own.

?I can?t give you a gift because you?re in the military and you?re not allowed to accept anything,? Ellen said, gesturing toward Noah. ?But I can give you a gift,? she said pointing at Maura.

To make up for the trip they gave up to help the victims of Hurricane Maria, Ellen gifted Maura with a trip to Hawaii for herself ? and a guest.

We love seeing random acts of kindness rewarded, don?t you?

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