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If you?ve seen Maren Morris perform live over the last two years, then you?re definitely familiar with her song, ?Rich.? It?s a really fun send-off to a guy who just can?t stop lying through his teeth, and Maren?s fans have been on board with the song ever since she released her debut album, ?Hero,? in 2016 It?s now been released as the last single from that album.

Maren says, ?I remember from the first headline tour I did over a year ago, everyone in the crowd was singing the chorus so loud that I was completely stunned. From the Bowery in New York City to Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, my fans grabbed ahold of ?Rich? and never let go, so I wanted my debut album to go out with a bang. This is for them.?

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A big reason ?Rich? resonates so much with fans lies in the song?s direct approach on getting rid of a no-good guy.

Says Maren, ??Rich? feels like the perfect, confident, laugh-the-B.S.-off-with-your-friends kind of song to go into spring with.?

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She adds, ?I wrote this song basically as a kiss-off to any guy that tries to pull a fast one on you, and it?s happened so many times that if you had a dollar for every time it happened you?d be rolling in it.?

Maren is also enjoying a massive pop hit with her Zedd collaboration, ?The Middle.?

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