Luke Bryan’s youngest son puts in a huge request to Santa Claus Instagram/@lukebryan

The best thing about Christmas might be hands-down the wish lists that little ones make for Santa Claus. They’re so sweet, so innocent—and so freakin’ hilarious.

Luke Bryan’s kids are no exception.

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This year, Luke’s youngest Tate didn’t ask for much, but what he did ask for will let you know that this is a little man with very distinguished and discerning tastes.

Luke’s wife Caroline posted a photo on her Instagram of Tate and shared his wish list, which included “a Rolex and an electric toothbrush.”

We’re dead serious.

And just in case Santa gets lost or forgets where to put them, 7-year-old Tate blocked off the perfect spot in the house for the gifts, with a special note for the man with the bag.

“Not only did he block off his spot for presents … but also asked Santa for a Rolex and an electric toothbrush. What?!?!?! Tate Bryan everybody,” Caroline captioned the photo.

Clearly Caroline is laughing as hard over this as we are.

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But look at that sweet face! Tate looks like he’s been on the “nice list” this year.

As for his mama and daddy—well, we wouldn’t call this a naughty moment, but definitely a fun one!

This family is just too much fun. Just look at the fun photo below from their Thanksgiving together for proof of that. We love them and wish them a very happy holiday season.

And we secretly hope Tate gets his watch and fancy toothbrush.

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