Luke Bryan was on the road this past weekend playing shows on his annual Farm Tour, so his wife, Caroline, stepped in to take their son, Bo, out hunting.

Things didn’t go as planned, either.

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Caroline posted this hilarious video showing Bo growing increasingly irritated with her as she kept asking questions and talking during the hunt. All the chatter was breaking Bo’s concentration as he stood ready with his bow and arrow.

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Caroline admits she had little idea what she was doing out there with Bo. She says in the caption, “Evidently I am loud and annoying. 🤓 Never as good as Dad.”

She actually asked Bo if she was being annoying, and he nodded his head yes. He then explained that he’d seen a cougar and a deer nearby.

Caroline replied, “I’m not hunting for a cougar. I am a cougar.” She added the hashtag, #cougarpower to the caption, too.

Bo told her, “It’s not funny!” (We respectfully disagree!)

As much as Bo was upset with his mom for goofing off during their hunting trip, we really hope they spend some more time together out in the wild. This is some funny stuff!

Bo and Caroline’s hunting trip video ties in nicely with the title of Luke’s upcoming album, “What Makes You Country.” That project comes out Dec. 8, and you can get in on the action by submitting your own video showing off your country credentials at

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