Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, loves her boys. There is no doubt about it. But let’s face it, she’s the only girl in a household full of testosterone, so she has to find a way to hold her own. However, her recent act of defiance landed her in hot water with her youngest son Tate, and it isn’t likely they’ll make up soon.

Wait, let us rephrase that. It isn’t likely he’ll let her do his camouflage makeup for hunting again anytime soon.

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Caroline shared a collection of photos and video on her Instagram page of the pair getting ready to hit the great outdoors. In the selfie, Caroline has the requisite black smears on her beautiful face, while Tate … well, he looks more like a little kitty cat.

“I did it again,” she writes. “Another kid mad at me during a hunting trip. Poor Tate wanted me to paint his face for hunting … He didn’t realize I put a cat nose and whiskers on him until we took a selfie … He wouldn’t talk or look at me for a few hours. I guess I get to torture [nephew] Til or Luke next. 😼.”

The post comes just a few days after Caroline posted video of herself clearly annoying her older son, Bo, with her chatter on another hunting trip.

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The series of new photos unfold the moment that Tate realized his makeup job was a little less than fiercely masculine, and the video shows Caroline following her son to his room where he closes the door to shut her out. Realizing how much she’s upset her precious boy, Mom offers to fix it, but the heartbreak that’s written all over his little face just about leaves a hole in your heart, and the tender tone in her voice when she speaks to Tate is precious.

This is real life, folks!

It doesn’t look like the feline face mask kept Tater from hunting though. Another photo shows him in the blind waiting for the perfect target. Except, the target wasn’t a mouse.

Get it?

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, is up to her old shenanigans with her kids Instagram/@linabryan3
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