Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, gives a peek of the shenanigans at Brett’s Barn Instagram/@linabryan3

We?ve had as much fun as Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, watching their Brett?s Barn project grow from a promise made to Caroline?s late infant niece, Sadie Brett, to a hands-on, interactive experience for children who could benefit from a little time on the couple’s mini farm.

Chickens, pigs, goats, miniature horses and donkeys have already taken up residence on the property, and in holiday posts it appeared as if a pair of kangaroos, joeys named Margo and Todd, would also be calling Brett?s Barn home, along with a set of mini llamas named Pekka and Mister that came by special request.

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The weather has finally broken in Nashville and it appears that spring is rapidly approaching, which means that Brett?s Barn is full of energy and life, making it the perfect time for Caroline to take Instagram followers on a little tour of some of the new equipment on the facility.

Of course, the tour started with a beautiful red hen nearly giving Caroline a Van Gogh-inspired makeover. The beautiful blond writes, ?Two seconds after I took this picture, she pecked the hell out of my ear. I guess she wasn?t camera ready. Another typical day at Brett?s Barn.?

Typical? We aren?t so sure about that. To us, typical would be all of the livestock lazing in the sun, grazing in the grass and even rolling in the mud.

Not so much jumping on the new equipment, a trampoline.

Yet, as Caroline continues the Instagram tour, that?s exactly what we see. Goats. On a trampoline. And the cuteness of it all is almost too much to bear. (Click right on the post below to see all the fun.)


Gently head-butting each other, almost in slow motion, the goats seem to be enjoying the little extra spring the trampoline puts in their steps. Especially one little back and white fella who does some type of whirly-twirly maneuver in the air, reminding us as much of Olympic snowboarder Shaun White as ? you know ? a farm animal.

Of course, there are also goats just doing goat things on the tour, but ? let?s look at that trampoline video again.


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Sadie Brett, the daughter of Ellen and Bo Boyer, Caroline?s sister and brother-in-law, passed away last February at just seven months of age. The little beauty was born with a heart defect and struggled with health issues throughout her short life. Caroline, the mother of two young boys and the guardian of her sweet nephew, Til, had promised her niece a white pony and, keeping to her promise, she and Luke adopted Kilo.

We can?t help but imagine how delighted their angelic niece would be at the menagerie now known as ?Brett?s Barn.?

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