Luke Bryan is one of the most successful stars in country music. Not only has he sold millions of albums, but he’s also won the Entertainer of the Year award four times — twice at the CMA Awards and twice at the ACM Awards.

Aside from all of his success, fans just can’t seem to get enough of his butt!

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In fact, Luke’s sons, Bo, 9, and Tate, 7, actually believe fans prefer their dad’s booty over his musical talents. Luke talked about Bo and Tate’s hilarious assumption during a VIP pre-show party in Houston on Sept. 22, and shared a recorded conversation he had with his youngest son.

“This is funny,” he told the crowd, while searching for the recording on his cell phone. “So, Tate [and I are] in our kitchen, and Tate doesn’t know I’m videoing him, and we start talking about my butt!”

“Here’s Tate,” he added, while putting his phone up to the microphone.

Though it’s difficult to hear Tate in the clip above, you can hear Luke asking his son questions.

“So what do people like more?” Luke asks.

“Your butt,” Tate responds.

“My butt more than everything,’” Luke asks in surprise. “Really, that’s what you think?”

“Yes,” Tate says.

“You mean my voice isn’t better than my butt,” Luke asks.

Luke then ends the recording and tells the crowd, “Bo’s on the floor and he goes, ‘No.’”

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“Ya know, they get where dad’s bread is buttered, I guess,” he adds.

Too funny!

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