Luke Bryan throws on some biking shorts for a joyride with a cycling great Instagram/@LanceArmstrong

Luke Bryan has made it clear that he loves hunting, fishing and loving every day. But, it might come as a surprise that he also enjoys cycling in his free time.

The country music superstar recently opened up about a one-hour bike ride he took with professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong.

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“I learned,” Luke said of his and Lance’s joyride during a Sept. 26 interview on the athlete’s “The Forward” podcast. “It’s fun being out there with you guys and watching how y’all ride. It teaches me a lot.”

“When [you’re] with people that cycle a lot and you hear all of the terminologies … it’s a whole new language you’ve got to learn,” he added. “Just watching you doing your hand motions, I learned it keeps everybody safe.”

As for Lance, he shared a photo of the two’s fun activity on his Instagram page.

As you can see in the shot above, Luke looks totally legit in his cycling gear. He sports a strapped-on helmet and bike shorts while riding, alongside his bicyclist buddy.

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Turns out that Luke and Lance met through a mutual friend named John Cassimus, founder of the Zoë’s Kitchen and Miss Dots restaurant chains. The 41-year-old entertainer said that John was the one who first introduced him to the sport.

“I’m only about two years into riding,” Luke, who actually broke his clavicle while riding a bike in the fall of 2016, admitted. “I met John at Blackberry Farm and we started hunting. I was onstage one night and my dad-gum knees puffed up on me. I was like, ‘I’ve gotta quit jogging.’ So I started cycling, and it’s changed the game.”

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