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First of all, we don’t know why anyone would want to mess with Luke Bryan, but a few fans can get out of line from time to time. Since Luke still operates his own Twitter account, he actually sees a lot of the mean things people tweet about him.

He tells “Adweek,” “When you have somebody badmouth you on your Twitter page, calling you this and that, you learn to get a little immune to it, but sometimes you’ve had enough and you’ll pop off at them. Next thing you know, all my fans are absolutely crushing them, and I feel bad that I should have just let it be.”

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Luke admits it can get intense when his 6.5 million Twitter followers start piling on somebody. That’s why we’re warning you now not to step up against Luke on social media.

He adds, “It’s one thing if you don’t like a particular song. I can deal with that. But when you start attacking personal stuff, you’re just not a good person.”

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Of course, Luke takes responsibility for the times he’s gotten a little too rowdy on Twitter himself.

He admits, “I’ve learned that drinking and tweeting is not necessarily a positive thing.”

Look for Luke to return as the host of the 51st Annual ACM Awards Sunday, April 3 on CBS. Dierks Bentley is his new co-host.

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