Being famous definitely has its perks. Just ask Luke Bryan.

The country music superstar just admitted that he once used his celebrity status to get out of paying for a speeding ticket.

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Luke said he was fishing in Wyoming with his two boys, Bo, 9, and Tate, 7, on the day of his run-in with the cop a few weeks ago. But he had to break away from the activity because he was scheduled to perform at Frontier Days, a festival in Cheyenne.

“My bus driver [and I] used a rental car to run over to Cheyenne. It was about a three-hour drive,” Luke told ET Canada of the incident. “I’ve never had him drive me around in a regular car, and it’s Wyoming, I mean, the speed limits like 80mph out there. So, we were going along pretty good.

“Then we started to get pulled over,” he continued. “And, you know, were in a rental car. So, we don’t even know if all the insurance is proper, or whatever.”

Even though Luke wasn’t the one driving the vehicle, the police officer ended up approaching the singer, instead of his driver.

“We pull over and he comes to my side of the vehicle,” Luke explained. “So, I’m like, ‘Oh, yes. We’re getting out of this!’”

And, sure enough they did, because, well, he’s Luke Bryan!

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“We let the window down and he walks up to the car,” Luke recounted. “He’s like, ‘Where are you guys going?’ I’m like, ‘Well I’m performing tonight over at Cheyenne Frontier Days …. I’m Luke Bryan.’”

“‘Oh dude!’ he goes. So we get out of the ticket,” Luke added with a laugh. “It was nice.”

Luke Bryan on being a dad

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