Uh oh, y’all—there’s a mole in Luke Bryan’s midst.

No, not that kind of mole! We’re not talking a wildlife critter, we’re talking someone on the inside who was leaking private details about Luke’s business affairs to the press.

So here’s the story, straight from Luke and his friends at radio station WEBG (The Big 95.5) in Chicago.

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Luke was in the Windy City for a show earlier this year, and visited with his pals from station’s morning show, Mason, Remy and Alabama.

This was back before anyone knew anything for sure about his stint as a judge on the upcoming season of “American Idol.”

Alabama got to ask Luke a few questions during the visit, and apparently her questions came just 30 minutes after a private phone call Luke made in which he agreed to sign on to the revamp of “Idol.”

Still following?

Although the information was still top secret, Alabama says she guessed the big secret during the interview without Luke even having to spill the beans, and shortly after that the interview was apparently cut short. She was happy to remind him of all of this during a brand-new phone interview with the superstar.

“You need to open up a psychic network or something,” Luke joked with the morning show host during a Dec. 12 phone interview.

So why did the previous interview get shut down and all talk of anything “Idol” get nixed?

“The main thing was we were just trying to get all the contracts handled,” Luke explained.

And here’s where it gets interesting …

“We were having a trouble with an internal mole that kept leaking out info,” Luke revealed. “We would negotiate the deal and there would be gossip everywhere with all my deal points. It was crazy!”

Umm, say what? Now this is just downright creepy. Can you imagine knowing that someone on the inside is revealing private details about your business—but having absolutely no idea who it is?

They still don’t know this “mole’s” identity, and Luke gave no indication during the interview whether he thinks the person was affiliated with “American Idol’s” production company, was closer to home or none of the above.

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Obviously, it all worked out where Luke’s “Idol” business is concerned. He signed the contract and the official announcement was made without any further hiccups. And now that the show has completed the audition phase, Luke is able to talk openly about how the experience has changed him for the better.

“It’s really inspiring,” Luke said. “When you see these people with so much God-given talent that just naturally … it’s like the Lord has made them be able to sing this way. It’s very inspiring, and it makes you want to go back to the drawing board and work even harder and be a better artist.”

And as for practically now being BFFs with fellow judge  and music legend Lionel Richie, Luke said he never saw that one coming, either!

“Never in a million years,” he told the morning show crew.

“The fact that I have his cell number … it’s crazy!”

Toss judge and music superstar Katy Perry in that mix, too, and Luke says he’s having a blast and still can’t believe his life.

“You know, just knockin’ around, trying to find the next American Idol—it’s just another day!” he joked.

Yep, it’s just another day in music paradise.

Luke just released a brand new album, “What Makes You Country.” Listen to the full interview with Mason, Remy and Alabama here.

Luke Bryan reveals that a “mole” was leaking private details of his business Getty Images/Ethan Miller
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