Luke Bryan reveals details on a trip that could have cost him his life Getty Images/Isaac Brekken
Getty Images/Isaac Brekken

As an avid outdoorsman, Luke Bryan can tell you not to mess with Mother Nature. He learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago fishing on the North Platte River in Wyoming. They were on the river’s Miracle Mile, which Luke says is “probably one of the best trout fishing sections in America.”

When they put their boat in the water, Luke was wearing sunscreen to combat the sun’s rays in the 91-degree heat. All of a sudden, they heard a clap of thunder and started seeing clouds. That’s when conditions changed dramatically as the storm front swept through the area.

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Luke says, “Two hours later, [it’s] 49 degrees. It went from 91 to 49 raining. We had no rain gear, and the guy rowing our boat was shivering. And he’s rowing. So, it was an interesting deal, and it was the same storm — it killed about 10 hikers in the Teton National Park. Same storm rolled through and hit us.”

Knowing their lives could have been in danger made Luke especially thankful to get back in the warm confines of his tour bus, which was parked near the river.

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He adds, “I never will forget, when I got back to my bus and got a shower, it was one of those things where we were cold, and we were glad to get back. I learned as long as you’re out west trout fishing, have some warm weather gear around at all times. So, it kinda got a little hairy.”

Luke’s love of the outdoors dates back to his childhood, when he worked on his father’s peanut farm down in Georgia. His work on behalf of the American farmer continues with this 2016 Farm Tour launching Oct. 5 at Culler Farms in Gaston, South Carolina. His brand-new, first-ever Farm Tour EP, “Here’s to the Farmer,” will be released digitally on Sept. 23.

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