Luke Bryan and his gorgeous wife of 10 years, Caroline Boyer, seem to have the perfect romance. They also have a cute love story to go along with it.

In fact, they’re college sweethearts!

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But, just like any couple, sometimes they find themselves in the throes of a heated argument. According to Luke, the quarrels usually end up with him feeling like an idiot.

“I have a million of those [men are idiots club] moments,” Luke tells KSON radio in San Diego. “You know what my problem is? When you’re all up in the fight or the argument, I should just hang up. But, I keep wanting to make it better, and that makes it worse.”

The loving husband and father to sons Bo and Tate also recalled a time when he and Caroline got into a tiff over the phone. Though he didn’t share exactly what the two were arguing about, he says she was ready to forget and forgive. However, at the time, he wanted to keep hashing things out. Turns out that Luke’s approach to solving the argument backfired on him.

“My producer Jeff Stevens who’s been married probably for 35-40 years was in the truck with me one day. Me and Caroline we were all up in the middle of one of those stupid arguments that you get into,” Luke explained. “Jeff was in the passenger seat. He was in there going, ‘Hang up. Just hang up. You’re an idiot. She’s letting you off hook.’”

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“You know sometimes when they let you off the hook, you don’t let yourself off the hook,” he continued. “But I’m learning. You just accept that you lost and accept the defeat, and then pick another day.”

Even though the two have their disagreements, they have proven to be such a strong team. And, it’s so inspiring to see that Luke works to resolve any conflicts in his marriage. Luke, we love your realness and your passion for your family!

Luke Bryan opens up about the challenges of married life with Caroline Boyer Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
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