Luke Bryan once again shows his heart in this onstage encounter with an adorable mini-me YouTube/Screenshot

Let’s be honest.

If you are standing at the Luke Bryan concert, singing your heart out to every single song…and then all of a sudden you are pulled up on stage to sing in front of thousands, chances are you are going to experience a bit of stage fright.

But as long as you are cute, no one is really going to care.

That was for sure the case during a recent Texas concert stop for Bryan, who pulled up an adorable plaid-wearing boy named Preston to sing with him on his hit “Crash My Party.” Preston was standing in the pit with his parents, holding up a sign that said “PICK ME TO SING ON STAGE!”

So that’s exactly what Bryan did.

When handing Preston the mic to take over some of the singing of the lyrics, Bryan seemed sort of shocked when the little boy was at a loss of words.

But no one cared.

Heck, Preston had brought Bryan to his knees.


If that wasn’t enough, Bryan put his daddy skills to good use when he was worried to drop the little boy back into the pit filled with some crazy fans. Instead, Bryan said “Look buddy, we will walk you around to the side because these girls look crazy!” A member of his team then escorted Preston back to his parents, safe and sound.

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