Without question, Luke Bryan is one of the biggest stars in country music. And aren’t we lucky that under all of that incredible talent and those all-American good looks lies a heart of pure gold? Ask Addi. She’ll tell you.

Luke met one of his youngest fans and her family during the meet-and-greet at his recent show in Cleveland, but it wasn’t just the usual grip-and-grin. The country star introduced himself to mom, dad and sister Lulu before kneeling down to get closer to the beaming, soft-spoken little girl with the curly hair and oxygen tank so the two could share a quiet moment together.

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With some help from mom, Addi confessed that she thought Luke was “magic,” and we have to agree with her.

See, Luke was paying very close attention when Addi spoke, and when mom prompted her to reveal her favorite song to the country star, he made note of it. During his set, the little girl that could melt that heart of gold got her own special dedication, right were he told her it would be.

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Sure, his songs are great, he’s hilarious, kind, warm and fun, but he’s also incredibly thoughtful and giving. And that is why his fans love him most.

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