Luke Bryan exposes his big heart and country roots in this new performance

If you spend too much time on social media, you might tend to lose your faith in humanity. There seems to be more hate than love, more anger than happiness and more negativity than some people can wrap their heads around out online these days. But Luke Bryan doesn’t see it that way.

And even though he didn’t write “Most People Are Good” from his brand-new album, “What Makes You Country,” the beautiful message of the song resonates with the big-hearted Georgia boy.

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In an interview with Rare Country’s Hunter Kelly, Luke declared that “Most People Are Good” may be the best song he’s ever recorded.

“So much in our society we don’t uplift the good people and we forget that good people still far, far outweigh the evil, the bad people,” he said. “It’s so frustrating that the evil and the bad people seem to get all the TV time and all the recognition when the lady that works at the homeless shelter serving food to homeless people, she doesn’t get 10 hours of prime time news coverage. I think this song reminds people of the simple things in life: youth, being a kid. And so many lines in that song are some of the best lines I ever heard. When you hear, ‘Most mamas ought to qualify for sainthood,’ you can’t get any better than that line.

“I know my wife, after dealing with our children every morning trying to get them to school, she is a qualified saint. Then you throw me in the picture,” he added with a chuckle.

Luke went on to say, “I think the world needs a song like that, and any time — as a country music artist — you’re able to find a song that says something perfectly, it’s kind of a blessing from the heavens. I’m really excited for country music to hear this song.”

We aren’t sure how many thousands of country music fans are already hearing “Most People Are Good” after picking up Luke’s new album when it came out Dec. 8, but a few more got to hear it when he performed it during an on-air visit with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

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Right away you’re taken with the fact that “Most People Are Good” is a bit different than some of Luke’s more recent hits, and hearkens back to the sound and production from his early records. Drum loops, scratchy electric guitars and canned clap tracks are replaced with wood blocks, shakers and acoustic guitars. And the lyrics! Every word delivers a much-needed message to a country that seems be barely clinging to its humanity.

We agree with Ellen, who exclaimed after his performance, “I love that song.”

Well done Luke and writers David Frasier, Ed Hill and Josh Kear. And thanks. We needed this.

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