We all love seeing those photos on Instagram of Luke Bryan and his boys hunting and fishing. It’s great to see them bonding over something they all love.

For Luke’s wife, Caroline, all that male bonding can get a little overwhelming. Besides one female cat at their house, Caroline is the only woman living in the Bryan household. For her, all that talk about hunting and fishing can get a little exhausting.

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Luke tells Rare Country, “Every now and then, I think she gets tired of hearing all of it. She has to call the ‘Outdoor Police’ on us. She gets tired of hearing about turkeys and where we caught this fish.”

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This isn’t the first time Luke has dealt with a woman needing a break from all the chatter about outdoor life.

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He says, “What’s funny is I remember being a kid and watching my mama get pushed to the brink of tired of hearing about hunting and here I am, my wife’s in that same spot.”

Thankfully, Luke and the boys give Caroline a break every now and then.

“We can kind of sense when she’s tired of our conversations about trail cams and stuff totally unrelated to anything a woman really cares about,” says Luke. “We’ve learned to kind of back it down, dial it down.”

For Caroline’s sake, here’s hoping Mother’s Day is one of those days they dial down the outdoor talk. That’ll be hard to do since Luke’s new tour is titled for his hit song, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.” You can see where he’s playing and get tickets here at

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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