It’s safe to say we all went a little nuts over Luke Bryan’s insanely awesome gift to his wife, Caroline, on Christmas morning.

In case you missed the big news, Luke surprised Caroline with two baby kangaroos. These rescues will join the animals on their property in “Brett’s Barn,” a special barnyard on their land remodeled and dedicated in memory and honor of Caroline’s late niece, Sadie Brett Boyer.

The video of Caroline meeting these two cuties from Christmas morning was pretty epic, but the pictures posted from the morning after Christmas may top it all.

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It appears that both little ‘roos are settling in quite nicely at the Bryan homestead and getting the lay of the land! They even have names now: Margo and Todd. Can you even deal with this cuteness?

And because they’re new additions and just wee little things, Caroline and Luke have taken precautions to prevent any accidents in the house.

No, you aren’t seeing things, these two little cuties are really wearing diapers.

And Luke is absolutely loving life with the “Roo Tang Clan.” We see you all snuggled up with these cuties, Luke!

Caroline is just as happy, too, and can’t stop loving on these sweet angels either!

We’ll think they’ll be a perfect addition to the Bryan family—and we guarantee footage of these two will be everyone’s favorite videos in the coming months, too!

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Meanwhile, we’ve been wondering, did Tate get his Rolex for Christmas?! Who could forget that adorable Christmas moment when Luke Bryan’s 7-year-old son asked for a Rolex and electric toothbrush from Saint Nick? These kangaroos must have everyone distracted!

Luke and Caroline, please update us on this precious little angel and his big request to Santa. We are dying to know if his wild wish came true.

Looks like Luke Bryan’s new kangaroos are already part of the family Instagram story/@LinaBryan3
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