Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines has been toning down her anti-President Trump posts, now that she’s moved from Twitter to Instagram. Lately, Natalie has been sharing photos of serene waterfalls and sandy beaches as she vacations in Hawaii. It’s all part of her quest to find some peace of mind in the weeks following the news she’s divorcing longtime hubby Adrian Pasdar.

So much for staying away from politics, though.

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In one recent post, Natalie claims she saw some crabs come up on the beach and write out “Trump is a dope.” She was kidding, of course.

On President Barack Obama’s birthday this past weekend, Natalie posted this photo of a shirtless Obama bobblehead doll with a message to the former leader of the free world. We think you’ll be able to read between the lines that Natalie is comparing Trump unfavorably to his predecessor here.

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She writes, “Happy Birthday to Obama! The world misses your sanity and your smile and you voice and your sanity and your family and your sanity and your compassion and your grasp of the English language and your heart and your soul and your brain and your leadership and your class and your swagger! And did I mention that we miss your sanity?”

The comments on Natalie’s post were mixed, with some agreeing with her assessment of Obama, saying things like, “You can say that again, and again, and again, and again …”

Others didn’t share her opinion.

One fan wrote, “Luckily you don’t speak for the world, because you could not be more wrong! There are more than a few people who don’t miss the Obamas or their administration one bit!”

Another fan put it more bluntly saying, “I am a huge fan of yours, but Obama is a piece of shit.”


Looks like Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines is back to her old ways Instagram/@1nataliemaines
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