Look at how Kelly Clarkson’s baby boy is shaping up to be like his famous mom  Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/A
Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP, File

Sometimes when babies are born, you can tell immediately which parent they resemble. Other times it takes a little while, but as they get older, the resemblance becomes uncanny. It’s becoming extremely obvious who Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s son looks like.

Check out the photo that Kelly shared on her Instagram page. Little Remington Alexander (“Remy”) is the perfect mini version of her, even at just 17 months.

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But could it be more than just a physical similarity? In the caption, Kelly writes, “My handsome little man 😊 … I mean, 30 minutes ago he was screaming his face off which wasn’t cute at all … but mostly he’s awesome 😂 #RemyB

Now, we can’t say we’ve ever seen Kelly screaming her face off, nor would we want to, but we do know that her personality is larger than life, whether she’s being the hilarious life of the party or the thoughtful and caring friend with a heart bigger than Texas. It’s what makes her one of the most likable celebrities there is.


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And as much as we wish there were more babies in their future, we remember that pregnancy was super difficult for Kelly, so we’ll just enjoy watching Remy and older sister River Rose, 3, grow. Kelly recently said on a radio show that her family is finished, adding, “I have the worst pregnancies ever, it can’t happen again.”


Meanwhile, we’ll get in line for that new music from Ms. Clarkson. Her new album, “Meaning of Life,” drops in late October.

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