Little Indiana Feek takes some more big steps in adorable new video Facebook/Joey+Rory

There was a time when it was hard to see what lied ahead for Rory and Joey Feek’s daughter’s future. Would Indiana grow up to walk, talk and live a normal life despite her Downs syndrome diagnosis?

Well, look at her now.

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In a May 26 Facebook post on the Joey+Rory page, a video was shared of little Indiana smiling brightly, eager to show off her new walking skills that she has been working hard on for the past year. Of course, she was also smiling proudly just like any kid her age on pajama day at school. We mean, who doesn’t love the chance to go to school in their pajamas?

“Someone is excited that it’s pajama day at school,” the caption reads.

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Despite the ongoing sadness over Joey’s untimely death, it seems to be a happy time for the family and fans as they continue to watch Indiana lead a wonderful life. From learning new skills at school to learning to play the piano, it’s evident that little Indiana is one happy little girl. Add that to the happiness over the success of Joey’s recent album, and indeed, life is good in the Feek household.

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