Little Indiana Feek commemorates her mother Joey’s death with the perfect picnic Instagram/@FeekyFeek

There are times when life moves at lightning speed, and no matter how hard you try to keep up with it, you can’t quite grasp it in your hand. And then there are times that slowly inch by, where each minute is slower than the last, and it feels downright excruciating to take another breath. And then there are times when time stops, and you are content.

Like so many of us, the family of Joey Martin Feek has probably experienced all of these life circumstances since her death on March 4, 2016. Taken much too soon at the age of 40, Joey left her husband and singing partner Rory, daughter Indiana, two adult stepdaughters and countless family and friends to go on without her here on earth.

And yes, they are doing it beautifully.

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On the second anniversary of Joey’s death, Rory’s daughter Heidi Feek shared a heartwarming picture and message of how she was commemorating the anniversary with her sisters.

“It’s been two years now since Joey passed away,” she wrote on her Instagram page on March 4. “I see her in every flower that blooms and every smile on Indy’s face. Today we had a picnic in the cemetery next to Jo’s grave. I think she would’ve loved it. I miss her so much.”

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And while Joey’s husband and Joey+Rory musical partner Rory was silent on his socials regarding the anniversary of his wife’s death, he, too, has found not only the perfect way to recognize the role his love played in his life, but also recognize that those ups and downs are simply a beautiful part of the life we all live.

“[Life is] never really easy,” he wrote on his blog back on Feb. 5. “It takes twists and turns and goes in directions you don’t want it to go in. You’re hoping for smooth sailing today, and the wind suddenly kicks up and spins your boat around in a completely different direction. And all you can do is hang on and try not to capsize. It used to disappoint me that life couldn’t be simpler. But I’ve learned to embrace it. To do more than embrace it, to love that life is that way. That the crazy ride is what life actually is, when it is at its best.”


Rory always has the words we all need, doesn’t he?

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