You know, we’ve often wondered this ourselves—what would it be like to be on tour with a married couple?

When Little Big Town recently stopped by the talk show “Pickler & Ben” for a visit, co-host Ben Aaron posed that very question for Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet, who spend their professional lives on the road with husband-and-wife band mates Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook.

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The members of LBT all seem so much like siblings and BFFs that you sometimes forget that Jimi and Karen have been married to each other since 2006!

But before their union, there was someone else in Karen’s life, and different relationships for everyone else in the group at that time, too.

“Funny thing is we were all in other relationships when we started this band,” Phillip told Ben and co-host Kellie Pickler. “I was married to someone else. Karen was married to someone else. Jimi wasn’t married yet.”

It’s hard to imagine those days now that we’ve so long seen them together with their families as they are today, with four children among them.

And although everything has changed since those early days, it’s all for the better … especially when it came to life on the bus.

“We had all these other relationships, and then everything kind of changed and their lives got turned upside down. But actually, there was less tension between Jimi and Karen” after they got together, Phillip continued, laughing hysterically.

“I was like, ‘Kiss her already!’” he exclaimed!

Aww, Jimi is blushing!

Now, everyone in the group is happily married with kids.

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Jimi and Karen have been married for 11 years and have a son, Elijah Dylan. After the sudden death of her first husband, Kimberly found love again after tragedy with Stephen Schlapman 11 years ago. The two have two daughters, Daisy Pearl and baby Dolly Grace, who was welcomed by adoption earlier this year. Phillip married his wife Rebecca back in 2008. Together, they have a beautiful little girl, Penelopi Jane.

Although they’ve since spread out to multiple tour busses, life on the road is still one big ol’ family party. We’d love to get an invite to that one!

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