Let this Buck Owens song remind you what country music sounded like in 1964 YouTube

The normal path of a single is to rise up the chart, hit a peak position, and then slide back down. Buck Owens rode that roller coaster a number of times in his career but in 1964, his single “My Heart Skips A Beat” was something quite out of the ordinary.

The song rode the normal rise and on May 16, 1964, it reached the top spot of the Billboard charts. The odd thing was that wasn’t the only time it reached the No. 1 spot. Instead, the song bobbed up and down and by the time all was said and done, it had spent seven non-consecutive weeks at No. 1.

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As if things couldn’t get any crazier, after three weeks on top of the chart, “My Heart Skips A Beat” was unseated by its own B-side “Together Again” for a two-week run. Even crazier still, “My Heart Skips A Beat” then came back and took over the top spot again for another four-week stnt.

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One artist with two unforgettable songs. A grand total of nine weeks on top. That’s one heck of a summer don’t you think?

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