Lauren Alaina’s “Next Boyfriend” looks very familiar Instagram/@laurenalaina

It’s become a favorite part of Lauren Alaina’s show. She sings her hit single, “My Next Boyfriend,” and mashes in a little whip and nae-nae dance in the middle, all after choosing a fella from the audience to show off his … um … stanky leg onstage. It’s a thing, y’all. But during her pre-Halloween show, Lauren invited her real boyfriend, Alex, onstage to get his groove on during that part of the show.

And it was everything.

In fact, Alex showed Lauren moves that she didn’t even know he had.

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Dressed as Austin Powers, Alex whipped, he nae-naed, he stanky-legged, he broke his legs (not literally!) and he even twerked. He did it all. And Foxy Cleopatra, a.k.a. Lauren Alaina, giggled with absolute delight.

Lauren and Alex weren’t the only ones onstage in full Austin Powers regalia. It’s hard to tell, but there was also a Dr. Evil … or maybe it was a vertically challenged Mini-Me, plus everyone’s favorite vile character, Fat Bastard.

Sorry mom, we aren’t swearing. That’s really his name.

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Anyway, does anyone feel like they’re looking at a future Entertainer of the Year when they see Lauren Alaina? You know, talented, gorgeous, great songs and stellar personality—it all seems to add up!

We’ll keep watching!

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