Lauren Alaina shows how far she's come since her eating disorder in revealing new photo Getty Images/Michael Loccisano
Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

Lauren Alaina has become a bit of a champion for young women in a lot of different ways. Her songs have empowered her fans with sass and attitude but also with kindness and authenticity. None of them have been able to accomplish this more so than her most recent hit single, “Road Less Traveled.”

If you haven’t paid attention to the lyrics of the song, Lauren sings about being yourself, being kind to yourself and not letting others dictate your value — messages not just teens and young women need to hear. And she speaks to these issues from firsthand experience.

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In the past year, the pretty and talented Georgia peach has become more open with her struggles with body shaming and eating disorders. She credits her mother with helping her get her mind right so she could see her genuine self. But now she’s taking credit for getting her physical self to the place she wanted to be.

A side-by-side photo on her Instagram page shows Lauren just six months ago and then today. In her caption she remarks, “Six months of progress. I have lost 31 pounds in a year, 21 in the last six months and have had zero bad habits.” She also says she’ll be sharing more photos of her journey.

Now, we all know that Lauren has been gorgeous since the first day we saw her on “American Idol,” but we also know that it isn’t about what other people think, as she sings in “Road Less Traveled,” but that you decide your own destiny. So, we’re applauding this southern belle for her achievement.

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Oh, and if you look at Lauren’s hashtags in that Instagram post, you can get some hints for your own healthy journey. She has been training with Erin Oprea, who also works with Carrie Underwood and has authored several books on fitness and healthy eating, and it appears that Lauren follows an Atkins eating plan.

Again, sweet Lauren, you’re always gorgeous to us — both inside and out.

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