Lauren Alaina may have met her match against this dancing fan  Twitter/@LucasOseguera

One of the things we love most about Lauren Alaina is her dynamic personality. She’s as friendly and fun as they come and loves her fans to no end. That’s why, from time to time, she invites one up on stage to help her out with her show. But sometimes, they steal it.

During her shows, Lauren will often bring a gentleman from the crowd onto the stage to help her out with her sassy single, “Next Boyfriend.” Of course, Lauren is smoking hot and, as we mentioned, incredibly funny, so there isn’t usually any hesitation from the chosen gent. And most have such a good-natured approach, they just play into the silliness.

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Lucas Oseguera sure did.

When Lauren invited him to her stage, he played the role of the next boyfriend pretty perfectly. And when the performance turned into a dance-off with Lauren shouting out “Robot,” he willingly obliged.

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Lauren didn’t stop there, though, and neither did Lucas! They whipped. They nae-naed. They stanky-legged and twerked, and he matched her step for step, shake for shake, pop for pop. The only move that Lucas seemed to struggle with was Lauren’s favorite … the washing machine.

Any artist can record and release songs, but the ones that love their fans as much as their fans love them are the ones that get to be stars.

Thanks for sharing, Lucas!

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