Larry the Cable Guy told us the real story about breaking this poor guy's arm TMZ/YouTube screenshot
TMZ/YouTube screenshot

Larry the Cable Guy is hilarious, fun, caring and an all around good guy. But, we never knew he was strong enough to break some guy’s arm.

“I’m country strong… backwoods country strong,” he told Rare Country before Charlie Daniels’ 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam.

The story goes like this.

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Every year, when he goes to Nebraska college football games, Larry the Cable Guy gives tickets to six National Guard members. Before a recent game, he met one of those Guard members who had one simple request for the comedian.

“’Can I arm wrestle you?’ he asked me,” Larry the Cable Guy told us. “I was like, this guy has softballs for muscles. I was just kidding around, but I said to him, ‘I’m going to bring it.’”

Before he knew it, the two clenched hands to arm wrestle and then it happened – the guy’s arm broke.

“Dude, is that your arm?”

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“The doctor said that he either already had a hairline fracture or his arm was just in the right position or you are just really strong, so let’s go with that,” he laughed when recounting the story. “Look, it’s mass over muscle.”

Good news is that the guy’s injuries, which included a spiral fracture of his arm, are now healing.

“I gave him tickets to my suite for the rest of the year so now we are buddies,” Larry the Cable Guy said. “It was crazy, but yeah, you might want to stay away from me.”

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