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If you’re needing a shot of inspiration in your life, Hillary Scott and the Scott Family’s new album, “Love Remains,” is definitely the cure for what ails you.

You know Hillary as the lady in Lady Antebellum, but she’s digging deeper into the faith that has guided her throughout her life. The new faith-based album finds Hillary singing in harmony with her mom, Grammy-winning singer Linda Davis; her guitar-playing father, Lang Scott; and her equally talented teenage sister, Rylee.

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The project began as a tribute to Hillary’s late grandfather, who inspired the sweet track on the album, “Safe Haven.” Then Hillary experienced a miscarriage, which inspired the poignant lead single, “Thy Will.”

Through it all, the music on this album served as a reminder of God’s goodness and grace in life’s storms.

Lang tells Rare Country, “We do feel that we’ve been able to put a compilation of songs together that are pretty special that we know will, hopefully, be able to meet some needs of people where they are. If you’re fortunate enough right now that life’s good and you’re not having to deal with any really serious issues with yourself or a family member or loved one, it’s only a matter of time before you will be faced with those challenges.”

In an age when multiple mass shootings and terrorist attacks dominate the news cycle, Lang feels these songs of faith provide a place to rest and remember that God is there through it all.

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He says, “People are hungry for that now. And our nation is in dire need of that. If you don’t believe it, just pick up a newspaper or watch the news for 15 minutes. So, the timing on this record, we know that these are messages that need to be heard and can speak to people.”


Lang goes on to say that the Scotts are just “a normal family who happen to sing.” Their obedience to God’s guidance in making this album was essential in making the end product so inspiring.

In that process, God used the album’s producer, Ricky Skaggs, to keep God as the focus of the recording sessions. They started each session off with prayer, and Hillary has gone so far as to call Ricky “the pastor” of the album. When she would start to overthink things and get wrapped up in getting her vocals just perfect, Ricky was there to remind her why they were making this album.

Says Hillary, “Any time he felt the shift in the room where fear or insecurity or doubt would creep in, he sensed it and knew and would meet it in that moment. He kept that lens in front of all of our eyes. I think it really made a difference.”

With her miscarriage happening in the middle of making “Love Remains,” Hillary feels God was really working to refine her faith.

She explains, “It was almost like the Lord was going, ‘Are you going to walk the walk, or are you just gonna talk it? You’re singing these songs. There’s this plan. All these songs that you’re singing are about me and my strength and power, and now life is continuing on.’ I walked through one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through in the process of making this record with our miscarriage. Are you gonna really believe what you’re singing about? Are you really gonna stand into what you’re singing about?'”


Now, the Scott family is anxious to hear how God will use this music in the lives of the folks out there listening.

Lang says, “We just think that there’s something that can really impact people, and that’s what our prayer is — that the music and the lyrics of these songs will impact people in a positive way.”

Look for Hillary Scott and the Scott Family to perform songs from “Love Remains” on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Aug. 2 and Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” on Aug. 3.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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