Hillary Scott shares first pic of twins Betsy and Emory with Eisele Instagram/@HillaryScottLA

Good things come to those who wait. Two good things definitely came to Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrrell when they added twin baby girls to their family on Jan. 29. And now, good things are coming to us in the form of the first photos and news of the baby’s names!

But, admittedly, we weren’t waiting all that patiently. In fact, we had days where we checked socials hourly waiting for names and photos.

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They’re here now though, and that’s all that matters. So take a look at little Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn. In an Instagram post, Hillary reveals that the babies weighed 5.5 pounds each and were a petite 17 inches long at birth.

In her post, she also writes, “Their Daddy took this picture when they were two days old napping on Mama. Their favorite place to be, other than on me, is nose to nose and cheek to cheek. Big Sister Eisele’s heart is full of love for her sisters, and she is already such an incredible little helper. One week in and we are definitely seeing double! Double the blessing, double the tired, double the laundry, but double the love! ~Tyrrell Party of Five👨🏻👩🏻👧🏼👶🏼👶🏼💕💕💕💕💕”

The second photo shows the babies’ obviously proud big sister beaming with her arms full of siblings. And, oh yeah, we see that heart full of love.

There is no explanation of what inspired the new babies’ names, so we aren’t sure if they are family names or just favorites, but they sure are cute, just like those babies!

Hillary’s exact due date was never specified, but she did say that the twins were expected to arrive in February. As often happens in the case of multiples, though, Betsy and Emory made their debut a bit early, but are obviously healthy and happy. And although Hillary says she and Chris are double the tired and doing twice as much laundry, we have no doubt that they are over the moon for their expanded family.

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We aren’t completely sure who is up next in the baby hit parade of 2018. Chris Stapleton and his beautiful wife and background vocalist Morgane are adding twins to their family of four. And while they haven’t shared a due date, Morgane revealed a noticeable and well-dressed bump at the Grammy Awards, so we would guesstimate February. Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker are also expecting their third, another little boy, in March, although Jessie looks like she could go into labor any day. Remember, this fun-loving singer-songwriter is quite petite, so that bump may look a little more advanced that it may actually be.


The turkey timer has definitely popped on her tummy, though.

Congratulations again go out to Hillary, Chris and Eisele, as well as Betsy and Emory who scored a spot with one of our favorite country music families.

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