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Imagine nearing 80 years old and starting to experience memory lapses and losing the ability to remember what you’re doing from one moment to the next?

That’s what happened to Country Music Hall of Fame member Kris Kristofferson. Doctors said the increasing memory loss was due to either Alzheimer’s disease or dementia brought on by his years playing high-impact sports like rugby and football.

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Then, earlier this year, a doctor tested Kris for Lyme disease, and it came back positive. It turns out that was the main culprit behind Kris’ memory loss.

His wife, Lisa, tells “Rolling Stone,” the old Kris is back after finally being treated for the correct illness.

She says, “There are still bad days, but some days he’s perfectly normal, and it’s easy to forget that he is even battling anything.”

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Lisa thinks Kris got Lyme disease from a tick bite he got a few years ago when he was filming the movie “Disappearances” for several weeks in the Vermont forest.

Even though Kris is on the right track with his Lyme disease diagnosis, Lisa says her husband is just as ornery as ever.

She adds, “Even if someone tells him to have a good day, he’ll say, ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ He’s unmanageable. You can’t manage him.”

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