Kip Moore makes a desperate plea to fans to check for this one thing Photo courtesy of The GreenRoom
Photo courtesy of The GreenRoom

Kip Moore is desperate. It seems his fans are being scammed by copycats, imposters and other dregs of humanity posing as him in an effort to take advantage of his social media followers. And since these awful human beings aren’t stopping, he’s challenging his fans to be proactive and not get sucked into the lies.

In a video post on his Instagram page, Kip made a plea. Making it clear that not all of his fans have fallen for the schemes, he says, “I already feel silly as shit making this anyway, but I feel like I need to because there are a lot of y’all that are messaging me about these conversations, and you’re sending me these screenshots of these conversations that you think are with me, and that are lasting weeks and months.”

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He continues, “I read these conversations. Whoever it is that is impersonating me, it sounds like someone that has been locked in their basement their whole damn life and just now learned how to communicate with people. I don’t know how y’all are falling for this silly shit. I do feel bad that you are, but y’all have to think a little bit.”

He then pleaded, “I only have this one [Twitter] profile, this is it. I don’t have any other private pages. My profile has a blue check. It verifies that it is a legit artist page. Just click on the profile, that’s all you’ve got to do. Just click on the profile. If it doesn’t have the blue check, it’s not me. I’m not going to ask you for money, I’m not going to ask you these things. I’m sorry.”

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Blue check.. blue check… blue check. I'm not gonna send random messages to people I don't know and tell you that YOURE the fan I trust more than anyone and oh btw send me $. I can't wrap my head around anyone falling for that but I guess it happens. I'm srry but I don't know what to do about it. These people spend their entire miserable lives making fake profiles and either harassing or trying to scam you. There's hundreds of fake pages with my name but only 1 with a blue check. So don't message me and say I've been hacked when all you have to do is click on the profile messaging you. If it doesn't have a blue check it's not me. I'm srry you're getting hustled by a fake me but I hope this helps

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Sadly, it isn’t just the fans of Kip that have become victims to these types of malicious and dangerous posers. Artists like Chris Young, Randy Houser, Brett Eldredge and Keith Urban also have copycat accounts created by scammers.

Please be aware and, as Kip begs, look for the blue verification check on both Twitter and Instagram. If anyone posing as an artist approaches you and does not have a blue check mark, report them to social media administrators. They can shut down the account.

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