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Who’s ready for a philosophy lesson? Oh, quit groaning, this will be fun.

Actually, most of you have probably already heard this quote from philosopher Nietzsche in some form or fashion: “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Now, very loosely interpreted, what ol’ Friedrich Nietzsche was saying is simply that we learn from our experiences, good or bad, and the bad ones do make us stronger. They make us better prepared to face life challenges because they build resilience.

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Kip Moore knows about those challenges. He’s faced quite a few, even when it came to creating his next album, “Slowheart,” and it seems those challenges come to life in his new song, “The Bull.”

It’s the first song that he’s recorded that he didn’t also have a hand in writing, so it obviously spoke to the thoughtful singer-songwriter. He tells “Billboard,” “I was pretty quickly sucked into the feel of this song and the message behind it. I feel I’ve taken several of life’s punches over the years, and it’s what you do when that happens that will shape the person you become. This song was me, and that’s why it’s the first outside song I’ve ever recorded.”

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Kip did a damn fine job of translating those emotions of frustration, self-doubt and eventual triumph in the video for “The Bull,” as well. In fact, it seems you can see a weight being lifted off of Kip’s broad shoulders as he dances near the end of the video, arms over his head in celebration, freedom and downright joy.


Here’s to all the bulls that have bucked us off.

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