Kid Rock heaps praise on the music icon that shapes the way he lives his life Amy Harris/Invision/AP
Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Kid Rock has found success in the pop, rock and country world thanks in large part to studying legendary acts like his hero, Charlie Daniels. That’s why it only took one phone call from Charlie to get Kid Rock to perform at the annual Volunteer Jam held recently in Nashville in honor of Charlie’s 80th birthday.

Kid Rock says, “I’ve been seeing the Volunteer Jam since I was old enough to see them on DVD and whatnot. I wasn’t quite old enough back then. Just to be invited and be here for Charlie on his 80th and be friends with him and celebrate the great music in his life is, obviously, a special thing.”

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Kid made a surprise appearance during Charlie’s set to perform a special version of “Long Haired Country Boy.” Kid says that’s his favorite Charlie Daniels song because, “I can relate.”

As for Charlie’s longevity in the music industry, Kid Rock says it all boils down to talent.

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He adds, “It’s pretty simple. He’s immensely talented. He can write songs. He can play fiddle. He’s a triple threat. He’s everything.”

More important than Charlie Daniels’ incredible talent is his big heart for our men and women in uniform who fight to defend our country.

“He’s got a good soul,” Kid Rock says. “He gives back. He supports our military bigger than most people. He’s got a huge heart. He’s a god-fearing man.”

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