Kid Rock goes off on a rap-heavy political rant Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT
NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 07: Kid Rock speaks onstage during the 2017 CMT Music Awards at the Music City Center on June 6, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

Kid Rock has never been known to remain silent on issues he feels passionately about, and he shared his views on the state of the country, healthcare, the NFL and other topics during his annual Kid Rock’s Fish Fry, held Oct. 6-7 in Nashville at the Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel.

He opened his Oct. 7 show with the raucous anthem “Greatest Show on Earth” before “Hail to the Chief” began blasting through the speakers, and he addressed the crowd with an impassioned rap, “Billboard” reports.

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“What’s going on in the world today? Seems the government wants to give everyone healthcare, but wants us all to pay,” he reportedly rapped. “Now to be very frank, I don’t have a problem with that, but that’s because God has blessed me and made my pockets fat. But redistribution of wealth seems more like their plan, and I don’t believe you should have to save, sacrifice and do things by the book, and then have to take care of some deadbeat, lazy ass milking-the-system motherf**ker.”

The rowdy crowd cheered as the Michigan-born rocker mixed music with his views on various issues, including the NFL controversy, making it apparent he thinks players should stand up and respect the flag during the national anthem.

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He also touched on the issue of LGBTQ rights, saying, “Why these days is everything so damn gay? I mean, gay rights this, transgender that. I say to hell with it, let ’em get married if they want, because we got way bigger problems to worry about than all that.”

Many fans in the crowd were wearing “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” merch, but the rocker has remained coy about whether or not he’ll really run for office after heavily teasing a potential run. His publicist has announced there will be news coming from Kid Rock on Oct. 24. Will it be about new music or politics? Stay tuned!

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