Kenny Chesney’s heroic deeds come to light during hurricane recovery Instagram/@bluechairbayrum

Kenny Chesney has really stepped up to help his beloved St. John island in the Virgin Islands get back on its feet in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which devastated the area in September.

You’ll recall that Kenny’s home on the island was destroyed in the storm, but all 17 people and the animals that took shelter at the house survived. In the wake of the hurricane, Kenny sent his private plane full of supplies down to the island and launched the Love for Love City Foundation to raise money for the relief effort.

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Now, the blog, is letting us know just how big an impact Kenny and his team have had in the island’s post-hurricane recovery process. In the weeks after the storm, the Love for Love City Foundation loaded in food, water, emergency supplies, medical equipment, chainsaws, generators, cleanup equipment, pet food and more to the island using private jets, helicopters, charter boats, fishing boats and ferries. They’ve been able to quickly identify needs in the community and work fast to help with projects like clearing roads, removing debris and cleaning up local churches, school and police stations.


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Kenny’s team even partnered with Tom Secunda, the cofounder of Bloomberg, to arrange for a medical team from Johns Hopkins to fly in and restock the island’s clinics with medical supplies. This partnership also made it possible for New York state troopers to fly down to provide security on the island in the weeks after the storm.

According to the blog, a senior FEMA official said the private-public partnership response in St. John “should be a model for future disaster recovery.”

The blog closes with a final thought on the efforts of Kenny and his team. It reads, “There are many people who say they want to help; there are others who actually do it. Kenny is a doer, and I could not be more grateful. The community is grateful. Our islands are grateful. But it’s not just Kenny who is helping, it’s all of you. He has the voice, but you all have been there to support him, to support us. And for that, I simply cannot thank you all enough.


For details on how you can help Kenny and his team’s recovery effort in the Virgin Islands, go to

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