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Kelsea Ballerini is all grown up and looking super glamorous in the new March issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. For Kelsea, and for so many girls out there, this is a dream come true. Kelsea even goes so far as to call it a “bucket list” moment.

She posted a little sneak peek of the shoot for us, along with this caption: “Bucket list alert: being a part of a Cosmopolitan spread // To me this magazine represents confidence, empowerment, and heart of women…. whether it’s fashion or beauty or just feeling sexy in your own skin. Grab the March issue on stands now to see all the photos…and all these dreamy outfits and looks.”

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Kelsea also tagged Michele Promaulayko, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, thanking her by saying, “Dear @michprom thanks for crossing this one off my bucket list.”

And check out this photo of Kels in denim, which is featured in the issue.

These turquoise and seafoam blue/green colors look absolutely stunning with Kelsea’s beachy blonde hair and gorgeous eyes. And that denim jacket! It’s a little bit country, yet part rock ‘n’ roll diva mixed with the classic girl next door, which if you think about it, pretty much sums up Kelsea’s style.

The newlywed also talked with the magazine about fashion and how it’s evolving in the country music world.

“Just as people have this stigma about all country music being the same—that every song is about a beer on a truck bed on a dirt road—there’s a stigma that country style is all blue jeans and cowboy boots. Of course, there are artists who will always wear that traditional look and I hope there will always be, but many others are now expressing themselves by dressing in different ways,” she says in the magazine.


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We love it, too, all the glitz and the glamour being paired with the traditional country style. For decades, Nashville has been pretty good at moving with the times while staying true to its roots, maybe more so than any other genre. Country knows how to dress down and keep it cool, and it knows how to kick it up a notch when it’s time to party!

You can go ahead and add Kelsea to the list of country music fashionistas whose style transcends the bounds of genre—mark our words. This girl is killing the game!

Kelsea’s issue of Cosmopolitan is on newsstands now.

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