You just never know when your name will pop up in a conversation. But what if your name randomly became part of a movie script? Even for a celebrity like Kelly Clarkson, the notion is bizarre, but it happens. Strike that. It happened.

There’s an iconic scene in the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” where funnyman Steve Carrell is getting … well … manscaped. An abundance of body hair and a hot date on the horizon has Steve — or his character Andy — at the salon having his chest waxed.

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Now, any man will tell you that this is not a pleasant situation. And with every rip of wax, Steve screams out an expletive. Sometimes they’re G-rated, and sometimes not so much. But one time he screams …”Kelly Clarkson.”


Kelly addressed the now famous line during a recent appearance on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist,” and she admitted that it was a little confusing. “I have yet to meet Steve Carrell, and I want to be like, ‘So, was it a compliment,’” she said. She also said that she feels gypped because she has yet to meet the movie’s star who used her moniker, despite being a big fan.

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Surprisingly, it wasn’t during a viewing of the actual movie that Kelly saw that bit. In a night out at the movies with friends where the clip was part of a preview. She explained, “It happened in a preview, and I was like, ‘Did somebody just say my name?’ And we were so confused because we were coming in and we were like, ‘Wait, what?’”

Try it. The next time you’re in pain, frustrated or exasperated, just yell “Kelly Clarkson!” It feels good!

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