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It’s so much fun to think, wonder and dream about how celebrities live, but it’s even more fun to hear the reality of their lives. Thanks to Kelly Clarkson, we’re getting some inside scoop on what Gwen Stefani is really like, as well as what double-dating with Gwen and boyfriend Blake Shelton really means.

Kelly spoke with “E! News'” Sibley Scoles, and revealed something we were thrilled to hear.

“Oh my god, Gwen is the nicest human ever. You can meet Gwen once and you’re close to her,” she said. She even admitted that sometimes Gwen is the mediator between Kelly and Blake, who will soon compete against each other on “The Voice,” and can get pretty combative in real life, too.

Kelly says, ”I’m always on text chains with Gwen and Blake and, somehow, it always comes down to Blake and I being competitive in some sense because we both have songs and albums coming out now. I was like, ‘Oh how was No. 7, because I was No. 6?’ I’m always like, ‘Get used to it, because “The Voice” is happening soon!’”

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She adds, “Gwen always starts this sweet and positive text and Blake and I always take it somewhere else. [He] and my husband have that boy humor going on.”

Something else that Kelly clarified is the public’s perception of Blake. When asked if she thought the country star deserved the “Sexiest Man Alive” title from “People” magazine, she replied, “I think he’s sexy, hell yeah. He’s funny. He’s, like, the sweetest person ever. It’s funny though, Blake is very much a gentleman, but I think his persona he puts off that he’s, like, drinking all the time, I’m like, ‘People are going to start believing that, Blake.’ He’s actually the nicest person ever. He’s the greatest big brother. And he’s so sexy, of course he is.”


Kelly’s husband, Brandon, is Blake’s manager, so their relationship has been going on for quite some time. And it also explains why the foursome double-dates occasionally.

So, what are those dates like? Kelly reveals they sometimes hang out at Gwen’s home when their on the west coast. “We’ve already [double-dated] at her house, which is magnificent. And her family was there. It’s a real testament of how she’s such an awesome girl—it’s ’cause of her family. Her family was super rad and down to earth. They’re really, really cool.”

Yep. In spite of all of the glam and fashion that Gwen adopts for the stage, it sounds like she’s just a great gal dating a good ol’ boy.

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A great gal with a really great house. Kelly did elaborate on Gwen’s home, saying, “Her house is insane. I walked in and I literally felt like the ‘Pretty Woman’ scene when you don’t belong in the store,” she said. “I was like, ‘I have a nice house,’ but [with] hers, I was like, ‘Damn!’”


Kelly doesn’t specify whether this is the Beverly Hills house that Gwen shared with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, which was reported to have gone on the market late last year, or if this is a different residence.

Gwen and Blake also spend a considerable amount of time at his home in Oklahoma, which, while definitely much more rural from photos we’ve seen, its pretty posh, too. Either way, though, the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is!”

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