Kelly Clarkson serves up a wacky, Blake Shelton-inspired drink on “Late Night” YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers
YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

When Kelly Clarkson stopped by NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Feb. 1, she got toasted!

No, seriously. The award-winning powerhouse singer, and the comedian and host of the show, Seth Meyers, took turns making up drinks behind the bar in a hilarious sketch called, “Seth & Kelly Go Day Drinking.”

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“This is dangerous,” said Kelly, after she clinked a beer with Seth at New York City’s Top of the Standard.

Seth, who was first to craft a concoction, paid homage to Kelly’s early days on “American Idol.” He whipped up a “Simon Cowell,” which consisted of hot sauce, vodka, bitters and even more hot sauce. After Kelly downed the disgusting cocktail she cried that her mouth was “burning,” and that her lips were “on fire.” (She later had the same reaction after taking the ALS Pepper Challenge. Watch that priceless bit of footage here.)

Seth then followed up the “Simon Cowell” with a drink in honor of “Grammys.” No, not the awards show, but rather grandmothers everywhere, including his own.

“We’re going to put in brandy, because that was Grammy’s drink,” he said of his grandmother, while pouring the alcohol into a blender. “And, we’re going to put in 12 Werther’s Originals.”

When it was Kelly’s turn to serve the craft cocktails, she didn’t stray too far away from her actual singing career. In fact, she dedicated her first handmade alcoholic beverage to none other than country star Blake Shelton. The refreshment called for a perfect combo of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and Southern Comfort. Oh, and bananas too, because Blake is dating “Hollaback Girl” singer Gwen Stefani. (The lyrics of that song spell out the name of the fruit.)

After taste-testing the “Blake Shelton,” Kelly, who will be coaching alongside the country superstar on season 14 of “The Voice,” served up a shot called “The Voice,” because she claims she’s going to win this season.

The hilarity continued on, as Seth then administered the same cognitive test that President Trump’s doctor gave him to Kelly. One of the portions of the test called for Kelly to list as many words as she could that begin with the letter “f” in one minute. When she fumbled on a few words, Seth poked fun at her, and she retorted, “Shut up, I’m drunk!”

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As the drinks continued to flow, Kelly and Seth found themselves on the rooftop of the building, where they wrote down silly phrases for the other person to shout.

“I tried breastfeeding, and it kind of worked!” Seth yelled from the top of the building.

“I love the movie From ‘Justin to Kelly!'” Kelly shouted.

“I peaked at 41!” Seth yelled.

“I’m only doing this because I’m contractually obligated to do NBC press!” Kelly screamed, when it was her turn again.

Lots of laughs here. We might have to watch this one again!

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