You can’t have a successful awards show without having a few stories to talk about the next day. Kelly Clarkson can certainly stand behind that sentiment.

During a candid interview with Sirius/XM’s Howard Stern, the “Love So Soft” singer revealed that Avril Lavigne once elbowed her in the face at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. The awkward moment happened when Kelly presented a best new artist trophy to the Canadian-born singer.

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“I think what I was bummed about is because I’m a fan of hers. I love her music,” Kelly, who had just come off her “American Idol” win at the time, told Howard.

While Kelly believes the move was intentional, it seems Avril may have had no idea she even jostled the “Idol” alum, and has since apologized for the incident. (You can check out the YouTube clip above and decide for yourself whether or not Avril intentionally tried to elbow Kelly.)

“Years later, she saw me and she said, ‘Oh my gosh. I don’t know, people keep saying I elbowed you in the face. I’m so sorry,’” Kelly said. “She did it, but I don’t know if she felt bad about it or, like, she didn’t mean to do it, or what. But it felt purposeful.”

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Even though Kelly and Avril’s relationship started off on a sour note, the rocker chick eventually made up for the slight. Well, sort of. You see, Avril is actually responsible for writing one of Kelly’s biggest hits.

“She wrote ‘Breakaway,’” Kelly said, before adding, “Disney promoted the crap out of that song, because actually, ‘Breakaway’ was out for a while, and dead in the water, and then Disney came along with ‘[The] Princess Diaries.’ I have to give credit to [Avril, because] it’s a great song. But I just mean, literally after that moment I was like, ‘Anything Disney wants me to do I’ll do, because they promote the crap out of their stuff.’”

Listen to Kelly’s chat with Howard about the elbowing incident below.

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