Kelly Clarkson has whipped her fans into a frenzy with a series of teaser clips for her new single, “Love So Soft.” The full song will be released on September 7, but we’ve got a good idea of Kelly’s new direction from this snippet.

You can hear Kelly just wailing on a soulful musical riff while a full chorus of backup singers just adds to the drama. It’s an indication that Kelly is following through with that promise that her new album would have a lot of soul/R&B influence.

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Kelly posted another clip from the studio September 5 showing off her insane singing skills. There’s no music or Auto-Tune helping her out. It’s just Kelly singing a part of “Love So Soft” with all of her might.

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“Love So Soft” is the first single from Kelly’s upcoming studio album, which she says is a project she’s wanted to make for years.

She said in a Facebook Live post in June 2016, “Everybody’s been asking me to make a soulful record for years. While we’ve always had soulful influences on my records, we’ve never made a soulful record. So, that’s what we’re about to do.”

We can’t wait to hear the finished product, Kelly!

Kelly Clarkson gives us a first taste of her soulful new music Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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