Kelly Clarkson gets personal about weight, sex and being a “mama bear” Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

One of the things we have grown to love most about Kelly Clarkson is her uninhibited pursuit of authenticity and the truth. With every revelation, she draws us closer to her honeyed honesty and southern grace.

We just want to have coffee with her. Just once.

OK, twice.

And just when you think she has nothing left to tell, Kelly exposes even more of herself in a candid interview with Redbook. 

One of the things she spoke about that hadn’t been discussed with quite as much candor before is her intimate relationship with husband Brandon Blackstock.

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“Anytime we’re in a discussion about sex with a bunch of couples, Brandon and I stay pretty quiet,” she said. “To keep it family appropriate, let’s say we’re just a lot more active than other couples. I’m a person who loves change. He loves spontaneity. Having a set time or place [to have sex] would be boring to us.”

Kelly also said that she wasn’t looking for a friend when she and Brandon got together. She was looking for a lover.

Another thing that Kelly revealed to Redbook is just how strong her parental instincts are. She admits, “I’m a mama bear. Just recently our nanny told me that an older kid was mean to my daughter at the park and that she just crumbled. I’m glad I wasn’t there, because I wouldn’t have handled that well.”

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Kelly was also asked how she thought fans would react if she lost weight, and her answer was surprising.


“That’s already happened to me. They shame you for it,” she said. “Same thing happened with Miranda Lambert. I had dinner with her and we were talking about that. She was like, ‘Should I gain? Should I lose?’ But no one actually cares about your health. They just care about aesthetics.”


But Kelly also had some profound words for those who obsess about the opinions of others. “If you gauge your life on what other people think, you’re going to be in a constant state of panic trying to please everyone,” she said. “People should just concentrate on their own lives, and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it.”

‘Nuff said.

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