Kelly Clarkson fills fans in about her crazy night at the Golden Globes  YouTube/Kelly Clarkson
YouTube/Kelly Clarkson

We’re pretty grateful that Reba McEntire and Jason Aldean welcomed Kelly Clarkson into the country music family with their amazing duets, because even though Kelly is, musically, a successful pop star, in her heart she is a Texas born-and-raised country girl. And even better, she’s so much like us, even when it comes to meeting other celebrities.

And for Kelly, attending the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 7 was a virtual smorgasbord of her favorite movie and television stars.

But, as she knows — and as anyone who has ever wanted to meet a favorite star before knows — it can go amazingly great or horribly wrong.

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Fortunately for the “Love So Soft” singer, it went pretty darn well. Especially since one of the actresses she had the good fortune to meet was Meryl Streep.

In the second episode of her hilarious new web series, “Minute + a Glass of Wine,” she giggled as she shared, “I don’t know if you noticed if you watched the Golden Globes … but this cheek has been caressed by Meryl Streep. That’s right, that’s fine, it’s not a big deal. I’m not even sure she knew who I was, but she was really nice regardless,  which makes her an even more amazing person because she’d be nice to anyone.”

In another “amazing moment” that we would have loved to see, Kelly finally got to meet “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” star Steve Carell, who actually approached her.

Kelly is incredibly fun and chatty in what we hope is going to be a weekly YouTube series, but this time — as with the first episode — she’s blaming the wine. She says, “I’ve had some wine because that’s what they do at the Golden Globes, they fill you up with wine so you make poor decisions.” In fact, she mentioned the never-ending pour of vino several times throughout the hysterical video.

“I love when you meet people you love and they’re so lovely,” she said. “Love was said a lot tonight in different forms, and I’ve had some wine. Are my teeth purple? Kinda getting there,” she said inspecting her grill in her phone’s reflection.

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Ultimately what we got from Kelly’s new Vlog was a stitch in our sides from laughing so hard and the message that, like us, celebrities just want to have fun.

“It’s nice to meet people you look up to artistically and then, they’re nice in person,” she said. And even though Kelly said that she and husband Brandon Blackstock didn’t feel like they really belonged at the movie and TV awards show, where Kelly presented an award with Keith Urban, they still had an exceptionally good time.

And lots of wine.

Up next for Kelly is her run on NBC’s “The Voice,” where she’ll compete against one of Brandon’s artist management clients, Blake Shelton. And while we’ve seen mention of a “Meaning of Life World Tour,” we’re still awaiting dates to be announced for that run.

Meanwhile, we still hold out hope for a country project from Kelly, maybe a little EP or collection of country covers. But we’ll be patient. For a minute anyway.

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