Kelly Clarkson doesn’t hold back when talking about “American Idol” YouTube/TheEllenShow

You can always count on Kelly Clarkson to tell it like it is.

And we couldn’t love her any more.

Kelly stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently and dished about her new music and upcoming new venture as a coach on “The Voice.”

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We know what you’re thinking—Kelly was the first-ever winner of “American Idol” back in 2002. And “Idol” just rapidly rebooted after ending in 2016.

So why is Kelly not heading back home to judge on “American Idol?”

The answer lies simply with timing.

When Ellen remarked that “Idol” must not be happy with Kelly’s decision to join “The Voice,” the singer laughed and told the host, “Let’s keep it real. I thought it was ending, like, a year ago, and my kids won. I was pregnant with my son. They just said, ‘Oh, we’ll bring it back.’ And I thought they meant like five or 10 years from now … But I didn’t know they meant next year.”

In that time, Kelly had already been doing some work on “The Voice.”

She went on to say, “I’d already been in talks with ‘The Voice.’ One time I went to do it and I was pregnant, and I couldn’t do anything. Another time we were touring and there was an option. I’d been a part of ‘The Voice’ team because my husband manages Blake Shelton and I’d been on the show a lot.”

Makes sense that she would want to honor her commitments, but she also couldn’t help making one last quip about any “Idol” drama.


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“I gave them 15 years! I was there every season,” she said.

That’s Kelly. Always ready to preach the truth.

Kelly joins “The Voice” full-time next season as a coach. This season, she’s serving as the key advisor during the knockout rounds.

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