Kellie Pickler is hilariously challenged in this must-see clip from her new show Picker and Bed/YouTube screenshot
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Kellie Pickler might just be our modern-day, countrified Lucille Ball.

After watching this new clip from her syndicated talk show, “Pickler & Ben,” we’re voting Kellie into the country comedy hall of fame. Of course, if such a place truly existed, she’d already be in it.

In this latest video, Kellie and her co-host Ben Aaron welcome Casey Webb from the hit show “Man vs. Food.” If you are familiar with that program, you know there are no limits to what is considered edible.

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During Casey’s visit to “Pickler & Ben,” he sets the two hosts up for a “sour challenge,” and he doesn’t mean Sour Patch Kids. We’re talking strange, bitter, foreign and seriously sour delicacies. In this case, sauerkraut juice, tamarind sauce, bitter gourd juice and umeboshi plums are on the menu.

Let’s just say when “Man vs. Food” calls it sour and hard to digest, it’s definitely tough to stomach, even though it’s apparently good for your digestive system. But Kellie is always up for a challenge.

“We got this!” she cheers. And boy does she give the challenge her all. Poor Ben thought he could clothespin his nose shut and turn off his taste buds. But he was wrong, bless his heart.

“Oh my God, you guys, I’m just nursing mine at this point!” Ben says, as Casey and Kellie dive right in!

“Mind over matter! Mmmm, this is so good!” Kellie teases. “What do you even use this for, torture?”

We feel terrible for laughing, but the whole thing is a total riot. Kellie imagines what she’s eating is everything from pizza to French fries and green juice, but sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.


“You know what? You win, you win,” she says to Casey as she forfeits the competition. We don’t blame you, sister!

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But seriously, y’all, don’t her hilarious expressions remind you of Lucy advertising Vitameatavegamin in that iconic clip from “I Love Lucy?”

Kellie, we need you to recreate this classic moment. Nothing would make us happier than seeing two iconic funny ladies we love dearly.

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