Kellie Pickler goes head over heels in new show stunt YouTube / Pickler and Ben
YouTube / Pickler and Ben

During their first season on the air, Kellie Pickler and co-host Ben Aaron have had a lot of fun and a variety of visitors on their show “Pickler & Ben,” but none of those guests has ever tried to lift the co-hosts up with their bare hands.

That is, until now.

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Jackie Wood, a professional strongwoman competitor, recently stopped by the daytime talk show to perform a few stunts for the studio audience. When she showed that she was easily capable of deadlifting both Kellie and Aaron, the “Red High Heels” singer was floored!

In this clip, Jackie nonchalantly tells the two co-hosts that she’s about to lift them up like human stones. She then throws her hair up into a ponytail while a hesitant Kellie nervously gets into a squatting position. Shortly after, Jackie stands with her feet about hip-width apart, and simply and safely uses all of her might to pick Kellie up and move her from one spot on the set to another, setting Kellie down gently on her high heels.

Needless to say, the entire display looked easy-peasy for Jackie. But, we can’t imagine that you would want to try this stunt with any of your own buddies at home.

“Oh my gosh!” Kellie said in shock, as she was being lifted. “So gentle, too!”

“You looked like a baby kangaroo,” Ben joked to Kellie after the amazing display.

But then it was his turn. And, of course, Jackie’s attempt to show off her strength once again by carrying Ben from one area to another also occurred without any errors, bumps or bruises, despite the fact that he admitted to having eaten “a large breakfast” that morning.

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According to, Jackie stands at 5-foot-8 and only weighs 140 pounds. So, it’s pretty impressive that she’s able to pick up both Kellie and Aaron. But, she showed that she could haul even more weight by pulling a bus, while using a harness and rope. Nope. We’re not kidding! You can check out that moment here.

And, speaking of getting picked up, “Pickler & Ben” has just been renewed for a second season. The popular program, which premiered in September, is shot in front of a live studio audience in Nashville. Some of the many guests that have appeared on the show so far include Dolly Parton, Faith Hill (who is also an executive producer of the show), Tim McGraw and Reba McEntire.

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