Kellie Pickler downsizes her Christmas card list in a pretty unique way Grand Ole Opry/YouTube screenshot
Grand Ole Opry/YouTube screenshot

In life we learn that most decisions come in shades of grey and very few are black and white, but one thing that is apparently on the black and white list is — wait for it — egg nog.

Yes, that traditional creamy holiday beverage, often spiked with rum or bourbon for the grown-ups, has as many haters as it does lovers. So, when the Opry issued an egg nog challenge between some of country music’s brightest stars and Santa Claus, the real truth came out.

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While Dustin Lynch and Chris Janson embraced the challenge for what it was, Maggie Rose and Kellie Pickler got a little more hung up on the actual consumption of said nog. In fact, Kellie was happy to concede victory in the challenge, because she simply cannot stand the taste.

“Who wants to drink that? That’s awful,” Kellie said. “If you drink egg nog, then you’re off the Christmas card list.”

She says she’s kidding, but with a response like that, you may want to stay hush-hush if you’re an egg nog fan who currently receives a holiday greeting from Kellie and husband Kyle.

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Maggie is a little less extreme with her reaction, but she does accuse egg not of false advertising. “There’s no egg in there,” she says with a smile.

Both Dustin and Chris are ready to take St. Nick down in the challenge, but Dustin does want to enlist the help of his buddy, Dierks Bentley. And if we know Chris at all, instead of bourbon or rum, he’ll spike his nog with Mt. Dew.

Now, that is gag-worthy.

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