Keith Urban’s wife Nicole Kidman reveals this disgusting hidden talent YouTube/Vanity Fair
YouTube / Vanity Fair

Nicole Kidman is a beautiful and gifted Hollywood actress. But, it turns out that acting is just one of her many talents. In fact, when she’s not busy playing the role of Celeste Wright in the HBO miniseries “Big Little Lies,” she can likely be found showcasing her other special skill — eating bugs.

Nope, we’re not making this up!

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The 50-year-old Oscar winner and wife of country superstar Keith Urban showed off her unlikely talent in “Vanity Fair’s” new series called “Secret Talent Theatre,” which also features big-name celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Gal Gadot, just to name a few.

In this utterly cringeworthy video, Nicole dons a classy dress for her feast. She looks so at ease seated in front of a table containing a silver platter and finely rolled-up chopsticks. After announcing that she’s about to dig into a four-course meal of what she hilariously terms “micro-livestock,” she reveals the names of her first victims.

“Hornworms,” she says, with a hungry looking grin spreading across her face as she picks up the wiggly blue worms with her chopsticks. “They’re still alive,” she revoltingly points out.

She then happily sets the tiny insects on her tongue before going in for her next course: meal worms. Instead of swallowing the second menu item though, Nicole takes her time and leisurely chews on the unpleasant-looking creature with such grace and poise.

“Just a little side note, two billion people in the world eat bugs and I’m one of them,” she says proudly. “I’m telling you, I’d win ‘Survivor’.”

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After downing the meal worms, Nicole decides to snack on something crunchy, so she treats herself to some crickets as if they’re candy!

“Mmm … extraordinary … like nothing you’d ever tasted,” she raves, then cracks herself up when she describes them as “like a hairy nut” before gamely trying to walk that comment back.


“Very moist,” “chewy,” and “awesome” are just some of the many descriptive words Nicole uses to describe the taste of her food choices.

Finally, Nicole dines on her dessert course: fried grasshoppers.

“These are amazing. These are exquisite grasshoppers. I recommend them,” she says, while eating one after another.

We’ve got to say that Nicole has very peculiar appetite when it comes to food. And, we can’t help but wonder if Keith ever craves the same delicacies.

On second thought, we don’t want to know.

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